Lunch Menu


Cold Meat Platter Pumkin, Baby Spinach Feta and Beetroot Mini Gourmet Buns Mini Gourmet Buns






Minimum order 15 people

Delivered with napkins, for plate hire please enquire



Coffee & Tea        $3.50 p/p

Hot water urn, a varieties of tea bags, milk and sugar sachets, tea spoons, disposable cups.

This is set up on a self-help basis, we simply ask for you to keep a watch on the hot water.

350ml Juice Bottles $3.60 each

2.4L Orange Juice Bottle with Plastic Cups $10.00

600 ml Bottled Water $2.50ea

Main Items

Mini Gourmet Buns (2 Buns per person)                                                  $5.50p/h

Selection of mini, easy to handle buns filled with delicious gourmet fillings.

  • Chicken Avocado and Mayo
  • Ham and Apricot Relish
  • Salami, Cheddar & Onion Relish
  • Pumpkin, Caramelised Onion, Feta and Kale

Gourmet Finger Sandwiches (2 Fingers per person)                                           $6.50p/h

Gourmet Finger Sandwiches, these delectable triple decked finger sandwiches feature fillings such as-

  • Chicken Avocado and Sundried Tomato,
  • Salami, Cheddar, Roasted Capsicum and Pesto
  • Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avocado and Cucumber
  • Feta Carrot and Beetroot. (V)


Lunchtime Wraps (2 half wraps per person)                                                        $6.00 p/h

A variety of lunch wraps, fillings include-

  • Ham, Relish and Salad
  • Satay Chicken and Salad
  • Roasted Pumpkin, Baby Spinach, Caramelised Onion, Sundried Tomato with Fetta. (V)


Cold Platter (2 piece per person)                                                                            $4.50 p/h

A platter with Teriyaki Chicken Sushi and Satay Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

** Designed as an accompaniment to Wraps, Sandwiches Etc


Savouries (3 Pieces per person)                                                                              $7.00 p/h

Morrocan Lamb Sausage Rolls

Brie and Onion Tarts (V)

Satay Chicken Skewers (GF)


Cold Meats, Salads, and Bread Rolls                                                          $14.00 p/h

Selection of Cold Meats, cheese and pickled vegetables.
2 Salads (As per below list)

  • Garden Salad with Herb Garlic Dressing
  • Summer Coleslaw
  • Pumpkin, Baby Spinach Beetroot and Feta Salad (Contains Nuts)
  • Potato Salad

Selection of Rolls

Sweeter Items


Fruit Salad Boxes                                                                                                      $3.00 ea

Petite 7oz Fruit Salad Boxes


Fruit Platter                                                                                                               $55.00 ea


Sweet Slice Platter (1.5 serves per person)                                                           $4.00 p/h

Selection of Sweet Slices, Lemon Delicious Slice, Chocolate Raspberry Brownie, Caramel Macadamia Slice, Apple Sour Cream Slice.

(V) = Vegetarian


Printable Copy Corporate Lunch Menu 2016


Coleslaw Garden Salad Sept 229 IMG_6887